Vango Awning Tents and Products


WildAx Motorhomes is now a dealer for all Vango products. We have done this mainly to offer an alternative to the roll out awning commonly fitted to our motorhomes. The new Air Beam tents are simply excellent - very easy to erect and dismantle and extremely durable. They come supplied ready to use with high volume pump/pegs etc.

Kela III - £550


The market leading Kela, which is the driving force behind our freestanding awning collection, now features a new high quality 420 double ripstop Sentinel Pro fabric. This, coupled with bracer beams and a set of storm straps, makes the Kella III a highly durable and well designed drive-away awning. With a side door on each side of the connecting section, this is an ideal area for storage and will help keep the awning and your vehicle clean and dry. Don’t fret about stormy conditions, our patented Tension Band System (TBS® II) ensures your awning will remain stable in harsh weather and for normal conditions, simply tuck it away into the dedicated pockets. The Kela III is a beautifully designed drive-away awning that will compliment your campervan or motorhome