Type Approval

All our new motorhomes have European Whole Vehicle Type Approval - this means that the VCA (Vehicle Certification Agency) has approved our design of motorhomes to be built on the different brands of vehicles we use.


New Motorhomes

Our motorhomes have a very high specification. We include as standard many items that other brands class as extras. Click on the menus above to see full details of each model.

In Feb 2014 WildAx Motorhomes asked Truma UK to independantly test our models for winterisation and insulation AND...We passed at the highest level possible gaining Grade 3 winterisation! This means that our motorhomes have been tested down to -15 deg C- so, they have the highest possible level of insulation and winterisation. The test involves cooling the motorhome to -15 deg overnight then operating the motorhome heater to warm the interior to +20 deg. This must be achieved in under 4 hours. We did it in 3 hours 21 min!

Build Quality and Testing

At WildAx we have always built our motorhomes in a similar way - solidly! Our methods and machinery have changed over the years but the underlying principle of a well built motorhome remains the same. Our motorhomes are a quiet drive on the road - none of the annoying rattles that are common in motorhomes and caravans.

This is achieved by using experienced craftsmen to build the motorhomes and listening to our customers! Many of the design features in our range of motorhomes exist due to feedback from our customers and from our own use of the vans. We spend many nights each year living in our motorhomes - this allows us to fine tune the designs to aim for the highest standards.

Every new motorhome has a full 24 hour test prior to collection including a driving test for rattles!