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How To Order

Placing an order with WildAx is easy - our motorhome are sold through a network of dealers (see map on this site). Once you have had a good look round the models and decided which is best for you just call us for a chat. We will help you get in touch with your nearest dealer where you will be able to place an order for a WildAx,. Many dealers will have motorhomes in stock ready to go therefore you can also contact them directly to arrange to visit them and see the vans local to you. 

Useful Information


Annual Habitation Service

Your motorhome contains a gas system, complicated 12v electrical system, 230v system and water system. These need to be checked annually to ensure that all is working properly and safely. We recommend that you take your WildAx to a WildAx dealer or to an NCC approved workshop which can be found through their website. 


WildAx Owners Group

Run entirely by owners the WildAx owners group is an independent forum to meet other owners and exchange tips and best practise. The group run a number of meets around the country often getting up to 20 vans in attendance. WildAx Motorhomes have no control or input into this group please do contact the group moderators for information on membership.



Weights and Masses

A common question with motorhomes is - 'How much can I carry?'

We work on the standard calculation used by the majority of the motorhome industry to calculate MIRO - Mass In Running Order. 


MIRO = Empty completed motorhome + Driver (75kg) + 90% fuel and gas.

All your belongings and passengers are classed as payload. The WildAx range has a very healthy payload up to around 450kg as standard, depending on the model. As each motorhome we build is tailored to the individual customer they can vary however, for those customers wanting to carry extra weight we can also advise of an upgrade service whereby you can increase the permissible carrying capacity of the vehicle. This does not involve any physical changes to the vehicle normally - just a paper exercise. This service can increase the GVW up to 4250Kg depending on the model. 

One important point to note is that younger drivers and those over 70 years of age you can be restricted to 3500kg GVW. Please do check your driving license. 


WildAx User Manuals

These links should give you a copy of the current user manuals including warranty information for new WildAx Motorhomes.






Complaints Policy

WildAx Motorhomes is proud of many years of great customer feedback and indeed winning awards from Practical Motorhome for owner satisfaction! To clarify our procedures






GDPR Policy - General Date Protection Regulations

WildAx Motorhomes takes the storage and usage of personal date very seriously. Please click on the link for our full policy.